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“I’m Ivy. I’m a college senior from North Carolina who decided last minute to study abroad in the Netherlands for my last semester of college. I was finished with all my requirements and the only thing I needed to graduate was elective hours so I thought why not do it in Europe?! So, this is my blog to tell you all about my experience.

My location: Leiden, the Netherlands”

Well, I’m still Ivy but I’m currently back in the states. North Carolina to be exact. I decided to keep the blog and periodically update my life post-Leiden. As a good friend of mine, Liz Perecca said upon returning to the states, “Don’t you think the study abroad office needs to advertise that studying abroad makes everything else kind of sucky?” But in all seriousness… it kinda does. So, I’ve decided this is my place to reflect and update on any new adventures (or not so exciting ventures)  in my life. I hope you enjoy. And, don’t forget to read all my previous posts from while I was abroad. It was amazing and if you get the chance to live in a foreign country – do it!

My location: Raleigh, North Carolina

Me... Ivy


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