Things you learn (round twee)

I just read over my “Things you learn” post and cracked up the whole time. I’ve decided to make another list. Again these are often silly and inside jokes. It’s all in good fun.

Dutch men have more style in their pinky than most American men do in their entire body.

American’s should be outraged that we allow genetically modified and hormone filled food in our markets.

American’s don’t take enough coffee/tea breaks at work. Maybe that’s why we’re so cranky.

If you can get through Dutch language class with Rene you can do anything.

Having friends all around the country rules but also sucks šŸ˜¦

People don’t say “muderball” enough.

Life without Dutch male models is a dull life.

All ‘party’ (any holiday you celebrate by drinking heavily i.e. 4th of July) holidays pale in comparison to Queen’s Day.

Frank needs to move to America and teach at my next university.

Not gonna lie I’m looking forward to wearing boots and chunky scarves this winter.

Zimbabwe is a land locked country.

I consumed more wine while in the Netherlands than I think I will in the next 5 years.

The clothing items I purchased in Europe mean more to me than the ones I purchased here in America.

Daily trips to H&M aren’t the same. The one in my mall isn’t filled with as beautiful of people.

I miss getting home after 1 am and drunkenly cooking a full meal with friends.

The stairs to the loft in Hugo are not meant to be ascended or descended while intoxicated.

The paper thin walls in Hugo are not missed.

However, I do miss Lexi and I’s peep hole.

Muderball is not yet an accepted word in my vocabulary. People just don’t understand!


Our government really is as screwed up as it appears to other countries.

I’d trade a 5 euro train ride over a 60 dollar tank of gas any day.

I think Lexi, Carly and I consumed a metric ton of dairy products while in Leiden.

Their milk and cheese is just so delicious!

Nobody puts Steef in the corner!

There is no university library with as many hot guys as Leiden University’s.

Pregaming during class… drinking alcohol from a water bottle. Yes, that happened.

“I’m not above it!”

I can completely half-ass every assignment for every single class (except photography) and successfully pass.

I miss Lotte!

Dennis is a hottie.

Everyone should try a stroopwaffle.

Nine hour bus rides from Amsterdam to Paris ARE fun.

When the fire alarm in my apartment goes off hot Dutch fireman don’t show up šŸ˜¦

The Netherlands is where I actually belong.

Telling people I lived in Europe for over 4 months never gets old.

R.I.P. brown boots, black pea coat andĀ cheetahĀ print flats. You will be missed.

Your head and your heart truly can be in two locations at once.

I regret never going to one of those huge parties at the frat house down the street from Hugo.

My weather widget on my desktop will always remain set to Leiden.

I miss my Leidners more than anything.

I have scars on my feet but I don’t regret them one bit!

Picnics here will never compare to our Leiden picnics.

Because Diana and Dorien won’t be there to Martha Stewart the hell out of them! (Maybe soon ladies)

Kip nuggets met ketchup šŸ˜‰

There are no funnier women than Lexi, Liz, Stephanie, Amy, and Fulani.

There will be a political demonstration in every city you go to.

Walking to the Frisian bakery and getting a sandwich during our break was the best part of Globalization.

The bad kids room in Texel…

Steef will, no matter what, walk far ahead of our group and talk about the most random things he possibly can whether or not we’re listening.

Never again will I get away with usingĀ WikipediaĀ as a source.

In comparison to studying abroad not much else holds up.

Every time I have to get in my car to go to the store instead of putting in my iPod and walking there I die a little inside.

Homesickness in reverse truly does exist.

There’s nothing wrong with being upset that you can’t get Lion and Mars bars as easily in the states.

Every time you see something Dutch or Netherlands related it’s okay to get excited.

Something you’ll strangely miss… the frigid bathroom in our one room school house.

The fact we had a one room school house for that matter!

I’ll never get over watching those people ride their bikes like nobody’s business.

Rene will be secretly flattered that Lexi Googled him and made him her profile picture on Facebook.

It’s normal to still think “It’s 6 AM in Leiden right now.”

Or If I were in Leiden right now I’d be…

Marc’s voice was oddly high.

The anxiety in the computer room on the day we all had to take the Dutch final.

Dreading having to tell someone you lived at Hugo de Grootstraat because it’s so difficult to pronounce.

Going to walk around town and coming back with clothes, shoes andĀ chocolate.

American’s should be introduced to frite sauce.

As well as Dutch frites.

You may be sitting on a bench at a bus stop in the middle of the night illegally drinking a bottle of wine in public (but you didn’t know it was illegal yet) and creepers might drive up and ask if you want to come to Amsterdam with them. You’ll pass.

Herengracht is party central.

Steef will “play a game” where he makes fun of people’s laughs.

Mike will drink copious amounts ofĀ Heineken.

Not gonna lie not much beats a 2 euro Heineken.

American dollars aren’t as cool looking as euros.

Four months is not enough time to live in Leiden.

Thank God Dorien can speak Dutch.

MTV should have filmed us and aired it.


Dutch pancakes > American pancakes

I really miss doing photography assignments.

Lexi hitting a pole on her bike will forever be one of the funniest thing I’ve ever witnessed.

And the fact that Steef just kept going will be too.

Monsoons… still not fun to bike in.

A liberal from New York and a republican from Texas can be bestfriends forever.

Dorien will forever be associated with kittens in my mind.

No matter how much I missed my favorite foods and stuff while I was there I definitely miss Leiden a lot more now.

I’d give anything for a re-play of Queen’s Day.

If this reunion doesn’t happen next summer I’ma be sad!

I’ll surely be updating this as I think of more witty things to add. Also, Leiden folks suggestions are welcome. Send them to my Facebook!


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I'm Ivy. 23 years old, resident of the great state of North Carolina. Lover of music, tea, unicorns, traveling and daydreaming. I have one blog about my semester abroad in the Netherlands. The other is a compilation of things I've written.
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