Things I miss (in picture form)

This list is not extensive and is in no particular order. These are things I love and miss. I just wanted to pay homage to some of the things I love. Some of it is silly.

My sister (on the right)

My doggie, Honey.

Peace College

My friends

Downtown Raleigh

The beach (my home)

Sweet tea

My car

Affordable and delicious coffee from actual coffee shops

Murder mysteries/crime shows

My church

Mexican food

Child Development (had to put Bronfenbrenner on here for my CD girls ;))

My Pandora channels


Honest Tea (so good- try it if you haven’t)




Not being just an “American”

People watching all the ‘individuals’ we have in America

My bed (especially with my doggy on it)

All the clothes I wasn’t able to bring with me

Random adventures to the middle of no where with Eva (this was taken during one of those adventures)

And of course my parents but I can’t find a picture of both of them together. Love you mom and dad. I also miss Dr. Arkenberg and Dr. Cain but they’d probably kill me if I put their pictures up on here.

Just realized a lot of this is food. Says a lot about what’s important to me lol.

(If I think of more I’ll add them periodically)


About Ivy

I'm Ivy. 23 years old, resident of the great state of North Carolina. Lover of music, tea, unicorns, traveling and daydreaming. I have one blog about my semester abroad in the Netherlands. The other is a compilation of things I've written.
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