We went to Texel, an island off the coast of the Netherlands, this weekend. To get there we had to take two trains, a bus and a ferry. Once we got there we rented bikes. We biked to the house we were staying at, unloaded our things then went to the store to buy groceries for the weekend. On the way to the store my friend Lexi was riding her bike beside me being silly (as usual) and all of a sudden she ran into a light pole on her bike. It’s okay to laugh because she was okay. It was quite possibly one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen. And to top it off, our director didn’t even stop he just kept going. If those of you reading this don’t know this already I love Lexi. I’ll introduce you to her real quick. She’s from Winter, Wisconsin. She is 20 years old and she is a Sociology and Religion Major. She likes chaos and if you’re around her you understand how true that is. She’s who I’m going to the UK with for spring break. We’re going to have an awesome time!

Anyway, the first night it was cold and windy that night but we had no idea what we were in store for. We had pea soup for dinner (which I love so I was happy). Then we all hungout together until we went to bed. There were two rooms of bunkbeds and of course I was in the room full of goons. We woke up around 8, ate breakfast and then we were off to see Texel. Unfortunately, Saturday the weather was miserable. It was cloudy, rainy, cold and windy (all of my least favorite things). Our first stop was to a graveyard where soldiers who fought during the war (I don’t actually remember which one) are barried. Then after that we went to the Maritiem & Jutters Museum. There was a windmill, replicas of old-time fishermans houses, beachcombing items, as well as information about the sea and wildlife. After that we went to get on the shrimp boat but we were told because the weather was so bad they weren’t going out that day.  So, we biked back to the house. On the way back it was raining and the wind was blowing so hard some of us could hardly bike. At one point I stopped peddling and just started laughing. I was sore, wet, cold, tired and the only thing I could do was laugh. Once we got home most everyone at a snack and took a nap. I bought a sleeping bag before we left and I’m glad I did because it was COLD in that house. That night we all sat around, laughed and talked all night. I laughed a lot this weekend which was nice since I love to laugh. For whatever reason everything is funny to me here. I guess I’ve just been feeling really silly and I’m not complaining!

The next day we biked to a museum where I got to see seals! They were in captivity because their mothers had abandoned them because they had some sort of defect. It made me a little sad to see them in there like that but they were cute. There was a small aquarium at this museum as well. After that we biked back to our house and packed our things and headed to the ferry. Needless to say I was tired and ready to get back home.



^The link to the album I made for the Texel trip


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I'm Ivy. 23 years old, resident of the great state of North Carolina. Lover of music, tea, unicorns, traveling and daydreaming. I have one blog about my semester abroad in the Netherlands. The other is a compilation of things I've written.
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