Second day trip to Amsterdam

Surprisingly I don’t have that much to write about that I’d want to share with whoever is reading this via the internet. You’d think living in the Netherlands I’d have more to say. But I’m generally a private person so I only share things I wouldn’t care if everyone knew. Yesterday a few of us went to Amsterdam for the day. It’s about a 20 minute train ride and they leave every couple of minutes. It’s super easy to get to Amsterdam from Leiden. We didn’t have a plan we just had ideas of what we wanted to do. First we tried to find the Anne Frank house. We successfully found it without a map but the line was long so we decided that we would pre-order tickets and come back another time. Next we decided to go find the big I Amsterdam letters. On the way we stopped and I bought post cards for a few people. We also stopped at an information agency and bought a map. This was a good investment. We intended to go to the Van Gogh museum but we found the Rijks museum first. This is a museum of Dutch art and history from the Dutch Golden Age. We got in free because of our museum cards which was nice because entry was 12 euro. This museum had high security. It was almost like going through TSA. We weren’t allowed to have cameras so I don’t have any pictures. The bottom floor was artifacts and the 2nd floor was art. I saw original Rembrandt’s which was cool. This wasn’t a very interactive museum and there were a lot of tour groups there but I still liked it. We found out that the Girl with the Pearl Earring is in Den Haag (The Hague) right now and we have 2 trips planned to go there so I will hopefully see it. Afterward we found the big I Amsterdam letters behind the museum. We took a few pictures of/with it. Then we decided to eat before we went to the Heineken museum (we decided to do Van Gogh another time too). We ate at this cafe near the Heineken museum. It was delicious. I will hopefully be making a sandwich like the one I got there soon. The Heineken museum was 15 euro. Our museum cards don’t cover this because it is considered an attraction. I decided it was worth it to go and I had fun so I was right. They give you the history behind it and you go on a tour of the old brewry. You’re able to see some of the horses that they have, try barley and hops, as well as unfinished beer. You are given a small glass of beer and shown the proper way to drink and told why there is foam on top which I never knew it was carbonation to keep it fresh. They had a simulation of how they make beer and it’s almost like a ride. They told us they were going to make us into beer. I took pictures- they are in the album I posted the link to earlier. When you’re all finished with the museum you are treated to 2 free beers in the lounge. While at this museum I realized that not only American’s are loud and obnoxious. I won’t call out the nationality of the group of people I’m talking about but it was nice to see we aren’t the only ones. After the Heineken museum we walked around Amsterdam a bit more before heading back to the train station. When we got back to Leiden a few of us decided to go out on the town. We went to a local club that was fairly populated. It was very similar to an American club but it felt different all at the same time. Needless to say yesterday was fun. I’m tired but I have a test on chapters 1-10 in Dutch class. Our professor is obviously not well versed in cognitive psychology because his tests consist of exerpts from the passage in the book with words cut out that we have to fill in. That type of test alludes to straight memorization of the passage. Nevertheless I’ll study today and tomorrow and ATTEMPT to do well on the test Monday. We only have 4 more days of that class left. Oh also for those of you who don’t know I’ve planned a trip to Copenhagen the weekend of my dad’s birthday (sorry dad wish you could come too)! I’ve also planned my spring break. I’m going to England, Ireland and Scottland! I am so excited!

Links to the museums I went to yesterday:


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