First Full Days

Today we had to be at the Central headquarters (where I’ll be taking classes) at 10:30. Before that a couple of us went out to breakfast at a place called Bagels and Beans – kind of like the equivalent of Brueggers in the states. It was very good and fairly inexpensive. Today was the first day of orientation. We officially introduced ourselves even though most of us had been aquainted via Facebook. After that our Resident Director went over culture shock and told us to tell ourselves that we are not in America when we wake up. So far I’m so enchanted that I think this place can do no wrong. I’m sure eventually I’ll get annoyed by little things. The currency is something I still haven’t gotten a hang of. I’ve accepted that I’ll sound ridiculous the majority of the time I attempt to speak Dutch. We went on a tour of Leiden. It’s a very beautiful city. It has 2 universities so there are a lot of students here.

We went to the Pilgram museum yesterday. It was a funny experience. It was just this tiny room where this very monotone guy explained to us that it’s possible that pilgrams visisted this place. I think I found it so funny because I am sleep deprived. My body still doesn’t let me sleep through the night no matter how tired I am. I know I’ll adjust eventually. I’m looking forward to our day trip to Amsterdam on Tuesday. I love how there is art everywhere in the Netherlands. People are so chicly dressed too. This is definitely my kind of place.

I miss having my cell phone. I’m going to purchase one tomorrow but it won’t be the same. I won’t be able to text all the time like I’m used to. It’s 10 cents to text someone within the Netherlands and 35 to text someone in the states. I also miss having Pandora, Netflix, my music play lists and some Youtube videos. They don’t work here. Hopefully I’ll adjust to more face to face conversation. I want to have better connections with people so this is a great time to start that pattern.

I’m having such a fun time. I can’t wait to stock up my cabinet with food. I am constantly hungry. Our only means of transportation is walking and we do LOTS of it. I’ll be in shape by the time we get back to the states. It rains a lot here and I don’t think I’ve seen the sun since I left NC but it’s part of Leiden’s charm I guess.


About Ivy

I'm Ivy. 23 years old, resident of the great state of North Carolina. Lover of music, tea, unicorns, traveling and daydreaming. I have one blog about my semester abroad in the Netherlands. The other is a compilation of things I've written.
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